We are living in illusions, which one will you choose?

We live our lives in illusions. The way we see the world is not what the reality of the situation is. The reality that we see is based on our perception. That perception is based on the sum total of our experiences that have led us to that moment that we are perceiving. Each of us have our own experiences that has led us to this moment, therefore we each perceive things slightly (or dramatically) different. Therefore our realities are different.

There are two types of illusions that we can live in (there are many more, let’s make it two for now). The first we can call the tragic illusion, the second the happy illusion.

In the sad illusion, we watch the news, hear about school shootings, learn about terrorist attacks, and think the world is going downhill. On an individual level, this may translate into how we perceive people as well. Do you find faults with everyone in your life? Is everyone out to get you? Are you a victim? That is because you are living in an illusion, the illusion that the world is a bad place.

Then there is a second illusion, lets call that the happy illusion. These people wear rose-colored glasses. They see the world in a way that the glass is half full. They do not accept negative remarks about people, nor think as poorly of others. On a macro level, they know that despite the craziness of the world, there is still good things that are happening. Yet, this is still an illusion. These people do not fully accept the tragedy in the world, if they did, how could they be positive? They may get hurt by others, or get taken advantage of, but people are only good right?

Both the sad and the happy individual are not living in reality. They are living in an illusion, neither is correct. Yet I’ll posit that one is better for humanity. Can you guess which one that is?

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