My favorite Newsletters from 2019

Does anyone else look forward to receiving their favorite newsletters every week? I know I do!

Every Sunday morning, I wake up, brew a cup of tea and catch up on those emails that I’ve purposely left unread the entire week.

Here are a few of my favorites from 2019:

1. Farnam Street – Shane, the founder of Farnam Street, writes about mental models that can be used as tools to deal with whatever life throws your way.

2. Ester’s Blog – The “relationship guru” herself, Ester helps to inspire reflection and action in areas that are important for our relational intelligence.

3. Melting Asphalt – Kevin writes es­says about phi­los­o­phy, hu­man be­hav­ior, and soft­ware. One of my favorite articles of this year “A Natural History of Beauty” was written by Kevin.

4. Alex Danco’s Newsletter – Formerly at the VC firm Social Capital, Alex writes about technology and startups. I feel up to date with the ridiculously fast-moving ecosystem of Bay Area tech by reading his newsletter.

5. Abundance Insider – When reading any content Peter, I feel like I’ve stepped 20 years into the future.

Learning about his forward-looking perspective on the world is inspiring! Always looking to curate more newsletters, any others you’d recommend for 2020?

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