Enjoying your job

Work is going great. I’m enjoying the diversity of experiences, conversations, and people I get to interact with. This new role is providing me with an interesting mix of “right-brain” thinking (analytical, data-driven, etc), with “left brain” thinking (negotiations, creative problem solving, etc).

You can read more about the role and team I’m currently in here. This article was written by a few of my colleagues and highlights the paths you can take to get to a career in Business Development. If you’re even more curious, this podcast is with our Vice President of Business Development, Scott Roberts. He’s made a tremendous impact on my life and career thus far. In this podcast, he walks through his experiences building this team and helping to scale LinkedIn over the past 13 years.

I think it’s important for all of us to understand what is happening in the tech industry, regardless of where you work today. The most valuable companies in the world are tech companies. This trend is only accelerating. For example, it took Apple 42 years to reach $1 trillion in value. It took only two more years to get to $2 trillion. Even more stunning: All of Apple’s second $1 trillion came in the past 21 weeks, while the global economy shrank faster than ever before in the coronavirus pandemic. This will only continue. As the VC Marc Andreeson says “software is eating the world“. Let’s seek to understand how the new generation of technology companies are doing what they do and what the broader consequences are for businesses and the economy. I’m always happy to provide a perspective on this and share how it could help you in your current career journey. 

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