The face for radio

My sister once said I have the face for radio. Let’s see how true that is. 

I’m in the early stages of creating a podcast with a colleague of mine at LinkedIn. The goal of the podcast is to amplify Asian American (and Asian-Canadian) voices in society. We aim to do this through candid, thoughtful and vulnerable conversations with our guests. We’re hoping to uncover stories of their upbringing, Asian identity, and how these have shaped their personal and professional life.

Seeking to better understand our cultural identities is a pertinent topic for both of us. We both grew up in North America to Asian parents from China and India respectively. Our families did their best to provide for us, each with their own varying levels of success and struggle. We grew up with Asian values at home but were influenced by the Western societies we grew up in. This presented us with a multi-faceted identity that we carry with us today.

Like many other Asian Americans, this complex identity has shaped our perspective of who we are – both personally and professionally. Today we are still grappling with big questions on how to navigate our lives, and we know others are as well. We’re hoping to channel those questions through this podcast. It’s a cheat code. If we don’t know the answer, why not ask those in our communities who seem to have it figured out? Some of the questions we’ll be trying to answer include:

  1. How do our cultural values interplay with the advancement of our professional life?
  2. Why are there so many Asian Americans in junior roles, but not as many in leadership positions? 
  3. What is the “model minority” theory, and how does this hurt Asian Americans, and other minority ethnicities? 
  4. How does the role of family come into play with your professional successes? 
  5. How do your Asian roots and values manifest to what you do today? Where do they not?

There’ll be a ton to unpack with this podcast. We’ll be launching our first version of the podcast in the coming weeks, and would love to have a few of you to be our “beta listeners”. If you’re interested in listening to the first few podcasts free to reach out to

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