What is your favorite product?

There’s a classic interview question that is asked for those entering into product organizations at tech companies – “what is your favorite product?”

This simple question requires a structured and thoughtful response. In my interview with Tochi and Peter I spoke about how Jump Bike, the electric bike you can book through your Uber app, was my favorite product. I felt this way because of the following reasons:

1.) the ease of use
2.) the novelty of the experience
3.) the joy of using the product

Until last week Jump was still my favorite product. Then I was recommended Curated. Those 3 principles above stood out to me once again.

It was easy to use. Being able to speak to an expert over text was novel. Even purchasing the bike provided me with joy.

I think it’s fitting that it was a bike that I found on Curated to substitute for my great times with Jump 🙂

The user experience of a product is a good indication of the success of a company. Excellent user experience means that your product is easy to use. The ease of use leads users to recommend it to others. This brings more customers to your product. Seems like Curated has something figured out as a product and as a business. Excited to see how the company continues to scale.

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