Dancing with your thoughts

I write to construct the thoughts that swirl around in my head. These ideas come through conversations with you.

People engage with ideas in different ways. Some will read, watch YouTube videos, or learn by doing. I learn new ideas and concepts through roughly the following process

1.) Hear about an idea through conversation, YouTube, or blogs/books.
2.) Reflect on the idea.
3.) Share the idea with friends through conversation. Hear their feedback, their potential criticisms, and update my thinking. 
4.) Start writing them down. 
5.) Share them with you.
6.) Get feedback.
7.) Loopback to the top of this list.

It’s a constant cycle of interacting with an idea. Constructing it in my mind. Sharing it with others and repeating. If I can articulate my ideas clearly for you, I understand them too. If you struggle to understand what I am saying, I’m struggling too.

These ideas will be updated and enhanced over time. I’m excited to look back on these writings in 10-20 years and observe how these concepts have adapted. How much my thinking and my mind has progressed. Maybe my kids will enjoy reading about what their dad was thinking about at 25.

Or maybe by then kids would have forgotten how to read and will only engage with content on Tik Tok. I’m cool with that too. I’ve never turned down an opportunity to dance. 

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