The ride through the tunnel

I’ve been thinking about the concept of vulnerability, a topic difficult to navigate unless you’ve studied Brene Brown. She blessed the Ted stage 6 years ago and opened up about their life. She spoke about the power of vulnerability, it’s relation to shame, and how we can work to be authentic in our lives. She also wrote Daring Greatly,  a […]

Impression – expression = depression

On a recent weekend retreat, our teacher shared this formula. I love frameworks and formulas. Let’s break down what these three mean. Impression: This is bringing awareness to how you are being impacted physically and mentally. There are many external events going on everyday. They are making you feel different feelings. Noticing how they are […]

Ubuntu – I am because you are

This was originally shared in my newsletter that I send out bi-weekly on what I’m learning and writing about in the topics of mindfulness, relationships, and technology.Not a subscriber yet? Subscribe here. Over this past year, I’ve been on an advisory board for the Namchak Foundation. They are a Buddhist organization focused on sharing the oldest forms of Tibetan […]